Consultation Request

Schedule your Complimentary Restoring Wellness Strategy Session

During this complimentary session, we will assess where you’re at in your health journey, what you’re ready for, and I’ll help you decide on the next best steps for yourself. 

This work takes an investment in time, effort, and money.  I don’t just hand you a piece of paper with a cookie-cutter plan and send you on your way.  I help create the right plan for YOU.  Ultimately, the overall architecture of your life will either support or sabotage this process – so a very important part of my role is to help you figure out how to set yourself up for success on every level.  This means you have to be all in.

My one and only goal for you is to improve your health and feel your best. This simply cannot be done in a single session. I pass on as many discounts and savings options as I can and I do also offer payment plans to make this work as affordable as possible. Unfortunately, this type of work (both sessions and testing) are not offered by insurance. I am happy to review lab work you have done through your medical professionals but be advised those tests are generally insufficient to provide full details on your overall health.