Our lives are so busy that we often leave taking care of our health behind, and we lose sight of just how poorly we feel. It just becomes ‘normal’.

As a functional holistic nutrition professional, I use clinical assessment tools to gather data about the root cause of your issues. Together, we craft a customized plan for you.

Proper digestion isn’t only about being “regular”, it’s also about fighting infection, absorbing nutrients, and eliminating harmful substances. The digestive system houses a large portion of your immune system, has ties to how well your brain functions (memory, mood, and clarity), and is the biggest driver of health or disease.

Metabolism is so much more than simply how many calories we burn in a day – but it’s how we bring in and use foods and nutrients to fuel every chemical reaction in the body. Having great metabolic health means you can efficiently use both foods coming in and stored fuels any time you need energy – from glucose (sugar) or fat. This makes your body run like the well-tuned hybrid it was designed to be, free from constant hunger, cravings, and energy dips!

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Eating healthy can be hard.

It’s easy to lose sight of restoring your health and get sucked in by the diet and food industries.

Diet after diet, fad after fad, it seems like we’re always on a quest for quick fixes that never seem to work. And even when you do manage to follow a strict eating plan for a while, eventually you fall off the wagon again. Don’t blame yourself – your willpower isn’t the problem!

Nutrition Therapy is designed to help you stop feeling sick and tired, by balancing to your entire system.

Restoring metabolic health involves:

  • Repairing insulin sensitivity and managing blood sugars: Insulin plays a crucial role in all diseases, not just diabetes. Insulin’s primary role is in managing blood sugars, but it also plays a role in thyroid health, weight gain/loss, cardiovascular health, cognitive function, skin health and so much more.
  • Re-balancing gut health: Your gut is the central hub of your body. It’s where key processes take place to help you heal, fight off infections, and assimilate nutrients from food sources. A healthy gut has a diverse population of microbes that keep bad microbes under control! The process of healing and re-balancing the gut involves taking in quality nutrients, avoiding processed foods and toxins that kill off the good microbes and allow the bad microbes to take over, and incorporating lifestyle habits that support healthy cellular growth and renewal.
  • Regenerating detoxification pathways: Your body’s daily detoxification systems have a big job daily and sometimes they get jammed up. We are exposed to toxins every day, from our foods, water supply, personal care product use, home care products, and the environment. While your body does have a phenomenal capacity to detoxify, these systems can become overwhelmed, leading to toxin accumulation. Restoration of your detoxification pathways is NOT done through green drinks or juice cleanses, but rather through proper care of detoxification organs and systems in the body.

The most efficient path to the ROOT cause is through data!

Why guess at the problems and solutions, we you can test?!

Lab testing

Objective Data

Lab testing and physical measurements can tell us a lot about what’s going on with your health – years before symptoms appear.

First, we review lab work and tests you have already had done. We compare your results to functional ranges (rather than reference ranges). If needed, we look into additional testing to find answers to your unique situation. We don’t ever want to waste time, money, or resources, so we choose tests wisely.

Subjective data - symptoms, history, goals

Subjective Data

You know your body best, and I want to help you get it back on track. That means taking into account what has worked for you in the past, how things are currently going, and what path you want to take going forward.

This information is what helps us find the perfect path for YOU to feel your best. Only you can set that bar, but together we will identify the plan that fits your personality and life.

Unique plan of action to meet your goals.

Plan of Action

By looking at your personal data and history, with a deep focus on the trends that you want to change for optimal health, we can devise an action plan tailored just for you. We’ll make sure it addresses all three key elements of optimal health: insulin sensitivity, gut health restoration, and proper detoxification pathways.

Nutrition therapy is about continually refining the strategy to ensure it works in your life and for your goals.

You can take charge of your own health for optimal results that last.

It is not about a one-size-fits-all diet plan.

Or about obsessively counting calories or macros.

Or telling you exactly what to eat and when.

There is NO one perfect plan for all to follow, or even for you to follow forever.

It’s about empowering YOU to design your own path so the results will last.

Food has the power to heal or poison. Sadly, most of our society opts for convenience, which includes food that causes harm.

Unfortunately, much of what we’ve been told about healthy eating throughout our lives is just plain false and has caused more disease. We have to shift our thinking to what the data shows.

Big Food and Big Pharma have a lot to do with these misconceptions (and lies).

As an educated and trained scientist and former forensic investigator, I believe in following the research and evidence. This requires taking into account the differences in each individual client and their personal data.

I spend time researching, reading, learning and exploring, so I can help you make informed decisions about your health. 

And I am NOT a supplement, pill, potion, or quick-fix pusher. 

What does OPTIMAL health look like to you?

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