The human body has an innate ability to heal with holistic and bio-individual approaches to nutrition and lifestyle!

  • My primary focus is to help you repair cellular insulin sensitivity: Glucose and insulin regulation are NOT just about diabetes. In fact, they are directly related to all chronic diseases. Long before symptoms appear, we can see imbalances in blood work.
  • Through the process, we also rebalance your gut health and digestion: Health and immune system function begin in the gut. This is our primary mode of fighting off infections, absorbing nutrients, synthesizing essential compounds, and eliminating toxins. Therefore, a healthy gut has a functional digestive system and an optimized microbial population. It’s more than simply taking a probiotic.
  • And finally, we focus on restoring your detoxification pathways: Every day our bodies have a major job of eliminating toxins. These toxins are generated through normal metabolic processes and come from your environment. If your detox pathways don’t work properly, toxins can accumulate and cause chronic inflammation and decreased immune function. Proper detox is NOT done through liquid cleanses and daily green juices.

This is a data-driven process: TEST, ASSESS, and ADDRESS. We DON’T GUESS!

Lab testing

Objective Data

Lab testing and physical measurements can tell us a lot about what’s going on with your health – years before symptoms appear.

First, we review lab work and tests you have already had done. We compare your resutls to functional ranges (rather than reference ranges). If needed, we look into additional testing to find answers to your unique situation. We don’t ever want to waste time, money or resources, so we choose testing wisely.

Subjective data - symptoms, history, goals

Subjective Data

Not every symptom or component of health can be objectively tested, so we also have to take into account your history, current status and future goals. This accounts for how you feel, what you like/dislike, and what measures you’re willing and able to take in your life.

This information is what helps us find the perfect path for YOU to feel your best. Only you can set that bar, but together we will identify the plan that fits your personality and life.

Unique plan of action to meet your goals.

Plan of Action

Based on the objective and subjective data we uncover during the first two steps, then together we devise a plan of action that will address nutrition and lifestyle factors that will help you manage the 3 core elements to optimal health: repairing insulin sensitivity, rebalancing gut health, and restoring detoxification pathwys.

From there, we implement and refine the journey as we see fit for you.

I will teach you how to take charge of your own health for optimal health that lasts.

It is not about one-size-fits-all diet plans.

Or about obsessively counting calories or macros.

And I won’t tell you exactly what to eat and when.

I will empower YOU to make your own journey so the path and results will last.

I believe food is medicine, but most of our society opts for convenience, which means food is often poison.

Unfortunately, we have also been fed a lot of misinformation on healthy eating throughout our lives. We have to shift our thinking to what the scientific data shows.

Big Food and Big Pharma have a lot to do with these misconceptions (and lies).

As a scientist by education and training,  I believe in following the studies and evidence of what works for each individual by using their unique data.

I spend time researching, reading, learning and exploring so I can help you make informed decisions about your health. 

And I am NOT a supplement, pill, potion, or quick-fix pusher. 

What does OPTIMAL health look like to you?

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