About Andrea

Processed food junky and fitness-hater to Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Restorative Wellness Practitioner:
How I got here

I would love to tell you that I have always had it all figured out – that living a healthy life just came naturally to me. But it would be a very big lie.

I have always had an interest in health, but I didn’t walk the talk. I have very clear memories of eating large quantities of Lays potato chips, sleeves of Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies, or handfuls of animal crackers dipped in Betty Crocker frosting.

So, how did I end up becoming a multiple-certified holistic nutritionist?

Here’s the short version…

Since the days of lounging around eating out of a bag or box, I’ve completely changed my approach to living, eating and moving my body. I’ve tried it all – different workouts, different diets, different systems. I’ve followed many “gurus” and learned from a variety of disciplines.

This entire journey taught me one major lesson – none of those plans, programs, or systems gave me all of the answers or worked perfectly in my life.

I had to create my OWN path.

One that isn’t boring, tasteless, or complicated.

One that does not entail endlessly counting, weighing, measuring, or tracking my food.

One that doesn’t leave me hungry, “hangry”, or feeling deprived.

This realization is everything. Truly being healthy means thinking about it differently.

Making it work for YOU.

There’s no way around it.

We constantly look for shortcuts, quick fixes, and secret strategies – but they don’t exist.

You may be thinking that I just have it all figured out and I have something you don’t, but I’m here to tell you – there’s nothing special about me.

I just stopped looking for the secret sauce. I changed my thoughts and my approach.

I’ll help you do the same. Customized to YOU. For results that LAST.

My clients enjoy their food, look forward to their active lifestyles, and have balanced energy all day long.

We don’t strive for perfection or eliminate entire food groups.

We strategically change our thoughts about what living a healthy life really means so that healthy choices are easy and natural.

Here’s the longer version, if you’re interested

From Fed Up, Overweight, and Unhappy…

In 2007, I hit the ready-to-make-changes point with my body and health. I was 30 lbs. overweight, tired, had terrible skin, and absolutely no self-confidence. I was also facing a family history of heart disease leading to very early death and the reality of impending future health risks was starting to sink in. So I knew I had to make some serious changes, and I wasn’t getting any younger.

I started intense workouts and paying more attention to what I was eating. And it worked … I lost 30 pounds, changed the physical shape of my body, and gained confidence and strength. Over several years, this became a daily habit of intense exercise and a nearly 100% clean vegetarian diet. I had it all figured out.

But…it didn’t last.

Three photographs of Andrea's health journey from overweight to healthy

Even with a regular fitness routine and an incredibly clean plant-based diet, the weight came back on. I also found myself bloated, suffering from frequent headaches, and chronic muscle soreness even without strenuous workouts. These were all signs and symptoms of a systemic issue in my body.  

I completed a nutritional therapy protocol of my own which eliminated all the bloating and pain, as well as the stubborn weight.  What was the secret? Variation. While everything I had been eating was healthy, it was VERY limited. I was primarily eating the same handful of foods every day – and though they were all plants, they were nearly all carbohydrates! I was eating very little fat and only moderate amounts of plant-based proteins. This caused nutrient deficiencies in fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and some amino acids. I had gut health imbalances and sluggish detoxification pathways as well.

While my journey involved a plant-based diet going wrong, I’m here to tell you that ANY diet will eventually stop working and make you feel worse. We need variation in our lives. I will give you steps to strategically add variety to your life to maximize your health and longevity.

We need variety – to keep it interesting and avoid plateaus.

Why Healthy Life with Andrea?

After over 10 years of experience and having earned Nutrition Therapy Master certification, Restorative Wellness Practitioner certification, Board Certification as a Holistic Nutritionist, as well as certifications in Gut Health Science, Sports & Exercise Nutrition, and personal training, I have coached others to boost their immune systems, heal their gut, lose stubborn weight, and remain healthy for life.    

Today I use clinical tools to gather data that is used to drive the path to optimal health – and this data is unique to each person. By taking time to truly understand your past, present, and personal goals – together, we can create the perfect journey for you.   

Andrea Nicholson, founder of Healthy Life with Andrea

It is about identifying the true dysfunction (root cause), removing interferences, and preparing the body to heal itself – a process unique to YOU.

Values I Live By to Enlighten, Educate, and Empower You to Live Your Best Life

No physical or mental restrictions

Avoiding unnecessary medications, illnesses, injuries, symptoms, extra weight, and other limitations and distractions.  

Most of our health is controlled by our decisions and our mindset – not our circumstances.  

freedom from medications, limitations, and food obsessions
vitality gives us a zest for life

Physically and mentally strong and capable

Truly live every day – finding happiness, purpose, and joy in each day. Being capable of actively participating in all of life’s experiences.

These are the things that make life beautiful.

Always seeking excitement, new experiences & fun

Helping others, finding the fun in everyday life, and spending time with the people who make you better – that is the purpose of life.  

You can’t do any of that without health and vitality. You need freedom from medications, and limitations to truly live the life of your dreams.

life filled with adventure requires health and vitality

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