Photograph of Andrea Nicholson, founder of Healthy Life with Andrea

After dealing with stubborn weight, persistent acne, frustrating bloating, and chronic muscle pain, I was desperate for answers. I was eating a very clean, plant-based diet and exercising regularly, but I had chronic inflammation, poor gut health, and never felt well.

Chronic and persistent symptoms prevent you from living your best life. I want you to live with vitality and excitement every day. Nutrition Therapy involves gathering objective & subjective data from you to define your personal journey to optimal health.

Let’s dive in to your personal situation and get to the root of it. Schedule your complementary consultation call now.

From Fed Up, Overweight, and Unhappy…

In 2007, I hit the ready-to-make-changes point with my body and health. I was 30 lbs. overweight, tired, had terrible skin, and absolutely no self-confidence. I was also facing a family history of heart disease leading to very early death and the reality of impending future health risks was starting to sink in. I knew I had to make some serious changes and I wasn’t getting any younger.

I started intense workouts and paying more attention to what I was eating. And it worked…I lost the 30 pounds, changed the physical shape of my body, and gained confidence and strength. But…it didn’t last.

Maybe you’ve heard statements like these…

Three photographs of Andrea's health journey from overweight to healthy

“You can’t out-train a bad diet”

“Abs are made in the kitchen”

They’re both true.  And, the food you eat plays a much larger role in your overall health, immune system and longevity than fitness alone. 

Even with a regular fitness routine, the weight came back on.  I was also bloated, had headaches, and chronic muscle soreness even without strenuous workouts.  These were all signs and symptoms of a systemic issue in my body.  

I completed a nutritional therapy protocol of my own which eliminated all of the bloating and pain as well as the stubborn weight.  It all came down to dealing with poor gut health, fixing nutrient deficiencies, eating the right foods, and reducing my toxicity.

Now, through all of my personal experience and years of scientific study, I am prepared and excited to help YOU heal your body too!

Why Healthy Life with Andrea?

After over 10 years of experience and certifications in Gut Health Science, Sports & Exercise Nutrition, and personal training, I have coached others to boost their immune systems, heal their gut, lose stubborn weight, and remain healthy for life.    

Today I focus on letting data drive the direction to optimal health – and this data is unique to each person. By taking time to truly understand your past, present, and personal goals – together, we can create the perfect journey for you.   

Andrea Nicholson, founder of Healthy Life with Andrea

If you’re fed up with constantly looking for a new plan, obsessing over the calorie counts, macro ratios and weighing every bite…you need a new way. A lifelong way to sustainable habits. Knowing exactly when and how to refine your path to continually maintain optimal health and wellness.

Values to Live By

No physical or mental restrictions

Avoiding unnecessary medications, illnesses, injuries, symptoms, extra weight and other limitations and distractions.  

Most of our health is controlled by our decisions and our mindset – not our circumstances.  

Photo of woman in the ocean kicking the water.  This image depicts living with freedom.
Woman with her fist in the air. This image depicts living with vitality.

Physically and mentally strong and capable

Truly live every day – finding happiness, purpose and joy in each day. Being capable to actively participate in all of life’s experiences.

These are the things that make life beautiful.

Always seeking excitement, new experiences & fun

Helping others, finding the fun in everyday life and spending time with the people who make you better – that is the purpose of life.  

You can’t do any of that without health and vitality. You need freedom from medications, and limitations to truly live the life of your dreams.

This image shows several hands on a log.  This depicts seeking adventure.