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I work exclusively one-on-one with clients in Restoring Wellness Nutrition Therapy.

Inside this program, you will have access to functional laboratory testing, nutrition and lifestyle counseling, and holistic approaches to reversing and preventing chronic illness. Each package is custom created with you in mind.

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Andrea Nicholson, MS, NTM work with me in nutrition therapy

My Specialties

  • Digestive and Gut Health
  • Blood sugar/Insulin balancing (hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, diabetes)
  • Weight Management
  • Immune system boosting
  • Fighting fatigue and energy-slumps

Healing Dietary Considerations:

  • Ketogenic
  • Low-carb
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Low FODMAP, Low Oxalate
  • Rebalancing Diet
  • Paleo/Autoimmune Paleo

  • Anti-fungal or anti-parasitic
  • Body Ecology
  • Rebalancing Diet
  • GAPS
  • Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)

“Figuring out gut health is so confusing, it helps to have an expert like Andrea to guide us on the way.”  Angela

“Your tips make such a huge difference.” Charlene

“Thank you.  I need all the pushing and encouragement I can get.” Sherri

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens after I fill out the Health Assessment questionnaire?

I will review the information you provide to determine if we are a good fit. If your request is outside the scope of what I offer, I will let you know along with any referrals I can make. If I am able to assist, I will reply with my best recommendations for next steps.

Do you take insurance?

No. I am not a medical provider.

Why don’t you publish prices on your website?

The nature of this work is very individualized, so every package looks different. The length of the program, the recommended testing, and the components included vary from person to person. I don’t charge for individual sessions or by the minute, but design packages that fit each individual client’s needs.

Can I only work with you if I’m local to you?

I work with clients from all over! Thank you technology! All of my sessions are conducted via phone call or video call, even if clients are local.

Is this just another diet? Will the advice be limited to what to eat?

Nutrition is one key aspect to optimal health and balancing the body – but it’s only one piece. No matter how great someone’s diet is, if they’re being drained by stress load, or living in a toxic environment, the body won’t re-balance. Throughout this process, we will focus on all three pillars – nutrition (everything in and on your body), lifestyle (stress, sleep, movement), and mindset/inner work (thoughts, attitude, emotional/mental stress).

Are you going to give me a meal plan?

No. Meal plans aren’t very effective. Most people never actually follow them and they don’t teach you WHY to eat those foods. They teach you to be reliant on me and the meal plan. Not sustainable!

I will, however, give you the tools and resources you need to create your own plan – enlightening, educating, and empowering you to own your health.

Will I have to give up all of my favorite foods?

Not likely, but that really depends on what your favorite foods are! If you are consistently consuming foods that are causing you inflammation, the only way to remedy that is to stop eating those foods. You may be able to add your favorite healthy foods back in when your body is back in balance, but if you add process and refined foods back in, you’ll end up in the same unhealthy space.

How long will it take?

Everyone’s journey is unique to them. Typically, I work in 3-6 month packages which allows for sufficient time to implement any changes, conduct any testing needed/wanted, monitor for any tweaks necessary, and see significant improvement. The process is fully customized to you – so the speed of the protocol depends on your health and your willingness/ability to implement the strategies. Some people like to layer in changes, others like to go all-in with all the changes at once.

Will I lose weight?

Weight loss is not my primary focus, but many clients who have weight to lose will drop that weight seemingly effortlessly by bringing the body back in balance. This is health and sustainable weight loss done the right way! I do not subscribe to tirelessly tracking, weighing, or counting foods/macros/calories or eliminating entire food groups.

Will I have to take supplements?

Most likely I will recommend therapeutic supplementation as a part of your protocol. Those recommendations will come directly from the data gathered from you and any functional testing done. Most of the recommended supplements will be taken for a short period of healing time, rather than forever. I work with pharmaceutical-grade supplements and rigorously tested products. I am not affiliated with any specific manufacturer, so I recommend the best of multiple companies for your unique needs.

How is this approach different than working with my doctor?

It is entirely different and complimentary! I am not a medical professional and as such, I do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe medications. Functional nutrition is focused on optimizing your health through targeted nutrition, lifestyle recommendations, and therapeutic supplementation.