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The Wellness Puzzle Podcast

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A Pristine Health Scene

This week I was featured on The Wellness Puzzle Podcast with Andrew Jobling. In this jam-packed episode, we discussed:

  • How I transitioned from crime scene investigator to metabolic health investigator and how those skills translate into helping my clients solve health challenges like stubborn weight, hormone imbalances, digestive issues, fatigue, and depression/anxiety
  • How following the standard/mainstream advice only took me down the path of continued illness
  • My transition from carb addict and vegetarian to low carb and far more carnivore eating
  • How a high fiber, plant-based diet ended up completely wiping out my gut bacteria
  • And how I found the right path to follow for ME

Check out the episode (click on the image above), then let’s talk about YOUR health. Click the button to schedule a free call with me.

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