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  • Brands tested for current manufacturing processes, including cGMP, raw material testing, and final product testing
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Prioritize Gut Health & Healing

Superior quality, scientific-research-backed gut healing and optimizing products delivered to your house.

  • Spore-based probiotics to repair the gut and restore health after antibiotics or other medications (even probiotics for your pets!)
  • Prebiotics to feed the healthy population of microbes
  • Optimal wellness supplements for improved digestion, detoxification, and skin health
  • Microbiome testing

Drink, shower, cook with, and launder in pure, clean, filtered water.

Customizable meal plans and hundreds of recipes!

Get fit in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

This whole home water filtration system is what I use in my home for the best water without the use of water softening salts.

Customize your preferred eating style, set your preferences for foods, portions, and number of meals and the system will automatically generate a meal plan with recipes and even a shopping list! Easy substitutions or changes can be made to any meal plan.

Access to hundreds of at-home workouts with professional trainers. Weight lifting, cardio, yoga, dancing, kickboxing, MMA, athletic performance, military-style boot camp, and more. There’s something here for every fitness level, body style, goal, and interest! New programs are continually added!

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