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Mindful Weight Loss Podcast

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This week I was featured on Dr Michelle Tubman’s Mindful Weight Loss podcast. In this episode, we talked about nutrition, gut health, types of probiotics, the value of continuous glucose monitoring, and SO much more. If you are struggling with weight loss, fatigue, digestive issues, autoimmune conditions…or any other health challenge – check out this episode!

Show notes:

In this episode, I am joined with Andrea Nicholson, nutrition therapist and restorative wellness practitioner. We talk about how functional medicine can help you understand why you may not be losing weight, despite all your best efforts. Specifically, we dig deep into:

  • How to take a holistic approach to your health
  • The hidden epidemic of blood sugar imbalances
  • How stress affects your blood sugars (and health overall)
  • Daily habits that can improve your health

Learn more about Andrea by visiting her webpage: https://www.healthylifewithandrea.com

You can book a free 45-min consult with her when you visit this page. You can also listen to her podcast, Holistic Health Bites.

Learn more about Dr. Michelle Tubman and Wayza Health:

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