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Avoid Energy Slumps workshop

Get through your day without loading up on caffeine, sugar, snacks or the need for a nap…and use my proven system to naturally generate energy on-demand everyday!

You have a to-do list a mile long and a life you love.

Now you need limitless energy to do it all!

  • You would love to get through the afternoon without more caffeine…but you’re not super excited about spending the afternoon fighting a headache, yawning, and struggling to concentrate. 
  • You would love to stop stashing candy in your drawer…but you’ve been sneaking treats throughout the day for so long, you can’t imagine your day without them.
  • You would love to get more done without taking a nap-break…but when the afternoon rolls around, you’re so sleepy and you just need to close your eyes for a few minutes.

What if you stopped relying on foods, drinks, supplements and naps  – and started generating your own on-demand energy instead?

➢Never drop $40 on energy-boosting supplements again

➢Cancel your superfood shake auto-shipment

➢Eliminate your monthly drive-through coffee budget

Here is exactly what we’ll be covering in the 75 minute workshop

  • The common causes for energy dips throughout the day
  • Why your energy level isn’t simply about aging
  • How misinformation about food and lifestyle habits are actually creating a dependence on pick-me-ups like caffeine and sugar
  • How I have more energy in my 40s than I ever had in my 20s
  • What these energy slumps actually mean for your overall health
  • How to handle the hangries or irritability when you’re running low on energy
  • How your afternoon coffee run is actually draining your energy
  • Why food is the worst way to boost your energy
  • Changes you can (and should) make to your eating habits for lasting results and vibrant energy all day
  • 7 strategies you can implement to naturally create sustainable energy so you not only get through the workday without the slump, but you have extra energy to LIVE your life with vitality

No pitch or sale offered inside the workshop – just the info you’r registering!