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Kick the Sugar

Sugar is used in nearly ever pre-made product on the market and manufacturers have gotten really sneaky with the names they use. This video talks all about what to look for so you know just how much you’re consuming.

It’s not just about cutting the calories…as we saw in the first video, artificial sweeteners aren’t any better!
Sugar feeds the BAD microbes that make you feel worse and leads to more inflammation.

Sugar cravings are common and such a struggle to combat!
This video gives you strategies to deal with them.

The BEST way to reduce cravings: stop snacking and reduce all carbohydrate intake during meals. Be sure to eat quality proteins and healthy fats to keep blood sugars balanced and feel full longer.

Realistically, you’re still going to want some sweet treats once in a while! So, what can you have without completely sabotaging your goals, your gut, or creating more cravings?

This video gives you some much healthier options to use for occasional treats!

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