Struggling to get (or keep) results?

Health challenges and stubborn weight don’t have to be a life (or death) sentence. 

Andrea Nicholson parker nutritionist

Get ready to meet the version of you with optimal health, naturally. 

“I have reversed my Diabetes, lowered my blood glucose, A1c (from 6.9 to 5.1), body fat, and inflammation. I’ve normalized by cholesterol and triglycerides. My rheumatologist took me off the low dose chemotherapy I had been on!” L.F.

“I am down 12 lbs. This is a win because before your help I could only put on weight!” M.A.

“These foods make me feel spoiled, not restricted! I don’t feel like I’m missing out at all.” Angie

You.  Vibrant & Alive. 

Sound impossible?

It’s time to ask yourself: Do you…

  • Struggle to lose weight or very easily gain it all back?
  • Always feel hungry or get “hangry” if you skip a meal? Constantly obsessing about what snacks to take with you or how you’ll manage to eat everywhere you go? 
  • Avoid traveling or events? There’s just too many unknowns and it’s simply exhausting, but you do feel like you’re missing out.
  • Suffer with multiple health conditions or symptoms like high blood pressure, PCOS, chronic headaches, or digestive issues?

It’s time to take the control back. Like NOW!

And truly honor yourself.

Hi! I’m Andrea Nicholson.

Health science geek.

Former Forensic Scientist

Nutrition & Lifestyle Expert.

Obsessed with helping driven, analytical, health-minded people who are trying to eat healthy foods but are not getting the results they expect, to identify personalized solutions so they can live an adventure-filled life.

(and how I went from an overweight fitness-hater to a holistic health practitioner)

Here’s what I know:

  • Weight and how you feel are ALWAYS on your mind, and you’re tired of the obsession.
  • You want to live a vibrant, active life filled with adventure, excitement, and ease. 
  • …without worrying about diabetes, heart disease, digestive issues or migraine headaches taking over your life and stealing your zest. 
  • But you need a trusted guide who has mastered the methods to lose the weight, reverse symptoms, and truly live a vibrant life.

I want you to know

  • You CAN take control over your health – regardless of your age, genetics, family history, and current health status.
  • Your goals are closer than you think – your next win is just ahead and I can’t wait to celebrate with you!
  • It doesn’t have to be hard, confusing, or time consuming – you need an “easy” button!

Those who came before you…

“I’m down 18 lbs! I can’t believe how profound the changes are since addressing food sensitivities and digestive health!” E.D.

“I am loving the program so much! I like that I can chat with you as needed if I have any questions.” Brenda

“I am excited that I have been eating really well and my fasting blood sugar is dropping each morning! Proof that type 2 diabetes is reversible! I’ve also lost 1 inch in all areas!” Laura

Ready to unlock the strategies for achieving your ideal health?