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Holistic Approaches to Autoimmunity with Susie Day

Holistic Approaches to Autoimmunity with special guest Susie Day on the Holistic Health Bites podcast with Andrea Nicholson
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Holistic Approaches to Autoimmunity

In the latest episode on Holistic Health Bites podcast, I had the pleasure of chatting with Susie Day about her inspiring journey with rheumatoid arthritis and her quest for alternative treatments. Susie shared her transformative experience of eliminating dairy from her diet, practicing mindfulness, and incorporating energy medicine and essential oils. These changes not only brought about improvements in her symptoms but also positively impacted her overall well-being.

Susie and I discussed the benefits she found in cutting out specific foods like dairy, gluten, and sugar, highlighting how it can significantly enhance one’s health and overall wellness. We stressed the importance of finding suitable replacements to avoid feeling deprived.

Throughout our conversation, Susie and I underscored the significance of embracing a healthy diet, incorporating energy medicine practices, and integrating mindfulness techniques to enhance overall well-being and effectively manage chronic conditions. Susie also shared some of her favorite essential oil blends for calming, pain relief, and even boosting energy.

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Transcript (unedited)

Podcast interview – November 07

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

Welcome back to the holistic health bites podcast.

Today I am joined with my special guest, Susie Day, and she’s going to share a little bit about her personal journey with autoimmune conditions, specifically with rheumatoid arthritis.

This episode is going to be powerful for anyone who’s dealing with autoimmune conditions or really anything chronic that this is.

I’m going to give you hope that there are answers. are things you can do.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

So welcome today, Suvi. Thank you so much for joining me. Oh, thank you, Andrea.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

I’m so happy to be here. Yeah, I’m really excited to hear your story. I know you’ve had quite the journey, and I would love to hear all about it.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

So can you just kind of do a quick introduction and tell people a little bit about you? Sure, sure.

Well, my name is Suvi Day, and I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis a little over 20 years ago. Went on the traditional medicine route at the beginning because you’re in so much pain, just make it stop.

Do anything to make it stop. And I did the traditional medicine for about five years, actually. But during that time, I noticed I was steadily getting worse.

I had constant pain in my right knee that kept me awake at night. I started and got to the point where I couldn’t even go up and down stairs with both feet.

I had do one step at a time. I had constant flare-ups and endless pain. And it was scary. And I went from doctor to doctor before I finally got my diagnosis and with no answers.

They couldn’t tell me, oh, your tests are fine. Everything looks good. And when you’re in excruciating pain and getting worse and having, I mean, the point where I couldn’t even stand up out of a chair.

I mean, it really took some big effort. I couldn’t raise my hands above my arms and my hands above my head.

My body was just, it was like shutting down. And it was getting, and it was very, very painful. Got to, I mean, even to where like the sheets hurt my toes.

It was just like very sensitive. Everything was very sensitive and just on fire. That’s what I felt like. My whole body was on fire.

So after they… diagnosis, you know, that at least I had something to work with, you know, because it’s the not knowing that is so much scarier than at least knowing what it is, because I went for a year and a half, not knowing and steadily getting worse and worse and worse.

so I got on the traditional medicine, got my diagnosis, was on it for about five years. But like I said, I wasn’t getting any better, not that I thought I would, but I thought it may be maintained, but I was actually getting worse.

And I tried to look out and see my future and it didn’t look great. You know, I saw wheelchairs and disability and not moving and lots and lots of pain.

And I just didn’t, that just isn’t how I saw my life, how I wanted my life to be. So my intuition was kept telling me, you

I kept tapping my other shoulder, you need to do something different. You need to find another way. I had to clue what that was going to be.

I had no idea. But I knew if I didn’t and I just kept doing the same thing, it wasn’t going to get any better.

So, I started my autoimmune rebalance journey and I discovered food choices and energy medicine and mindfulness and essential oils for pain relief blends.

And all kinds of blends. And it was amazing what started to happen because like the first thing I did started was with food.

That just seemed to make the most sense. Let’s start with food. So I eliminated dairy and when I eliminated dairy, I stopped having flare ups.

And I never have ever had one since.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

And that was over 15 years ago. Wow.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

That’s incredible. That is so incredible. exciting. I was just like, okay, let’s keep going. So I mean, I was determined, I was bound to determine that I was going to make myself well and cure myself and all that.

But what I discovered along the way was that determination and I’m going to make it happen at hour, that was actually causing, know, that was putting a roadblock because you can’t be in that hyper, I’m going to do it stage and find relaxation and healing in the body.

So that’s where the mindful discuts in. And so you have to just, there’s lots of pieces to the puzzle.

It’s not just one thing. And once I discovered, oh, I need to just relax you a little bit. And that helped.

And then I discovered energy medicine. within one month of doing daily energy work, I could walk up and downstairs with both feet again.

And I had more energy and less pain and it was just amazing. Another big win. yeah, and then the central oils on top of that just helps with relaxation and pain blends and stomach blends and headache blends and you name it, calming blends and focus blends.

So there was, it’s a lot more than just one thing. And, but it’s so worth it. You know, I just, it’s, it was a lot of work.

And I think if I would have known that in the beginning, I would have like, I don’t know, but that’s what I get a lot of reactions to people.

I don’t know. I’m not going to give up my favorite food. know, I’m not, no, I’m not doing that.

And, um, but it’s amazing when you start to feel better, then you get this motivation like, Hey, there is hope for it.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

Absolutely. I see that all the time in my clients too, who don’t necessarily have autoimmune conditions, but that have other things that initially they’re resistant.

They can’t imagine their life without their pizza or without their soda or without whatever it is for them. They can’t imagine what that’s going to look like.

And so it seems impossible. Like I can’t live without whatever that is. And if they just give it a try, they’re like, oh, I can totally live without that because I feel so I got my life back.

Like I have all these things I can do. I don’t have those problems. I don’t have to take all these meds.

I don’t have to take all these whatever, over-the-counter meds or prescription meds or use all these relief aids. It just feels amazing.

it’s like, yeah, I can live without the whatever thing that I thought was my favorite thing ever.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

couldn’t live without.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

Yeah, it’s amazing if you just give it a try. of course, not everyone’s going to have the first food they give up make the lifetime of difference.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

Like it is for you. Well, actually few more tweaks. Yeah, and actually, Jerry wasn’t the first thing I gave up.

That was fun that I noticed like a profound difference because I love dairy. I thought it. I mean, I fought it every step of the way given up my dairy because I just, I love sour creams and cheeses and all the chezy dairy stuff, you know, but I don’t miss it a bit.

And what I encouraged my clients to do is find a replacement because there are replacements. We, we’re we’re totally human.

Of course, we love certain foods. There is a lot of times there are comfort foods, but there’s two things that I that I recommend is first find a replacement.

So like for me, I found coconut milk and coconut based products, which are delicious and they’re so much better for my they digest better.

I feel better. don’t have any flare ups anymore. My pain level is very minimal. And the next thing, and choosing to make changes is know that you’re choosing this.

No one’s forcing you. And because a lot of times we do, we’re like, oh my God, I can never, you know, I can’t imagine not eating that again or not doing this, that or the other again.

And but like you said, then then they’re such like, wow, I don’t miss that at all. So it’s pretty cool.

So yeah, there’s always that it starts here first really for sure.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

Oh, and what other foods beyond dairy have you seen it be the biggest drivers for people that if they give that thing up or at least severely, you know, reduce whatever it is, you know, what makes the biggest difference in your clients?

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

Yeah, I think dairy for sure, gluten, gluten and dairy top, like probably the top three of gluten, dairy, sugar, you know, sugar is a killer in so many ways.

It’s so addictive. And it’s in everything. So it’s really hard to completely give it up because you’ll find it in every single thing.

And I remember doing a Candida Cleanse years ago and you had to give up all sugar and I was like, oh, that’ll be easy.

I don’t need candy bars and do all that. was like, oh my God, sugar is in everything.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

It is.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

So you just have to find the least, what is it? The least, I can’t think of word I want to use.

The least harmful, I guess.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)


Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

And there are better sugars. In fact, the artificial sugars are 10 times worse for your body and mind than just plain old sugar.

You’re not going to give up sugar, which, you know, people, it’s their choice. Then get rid of artificial stuff, stop drinking, you know, or stop eating aspartame and even agave.

and it’s not very good. there are different sugars, coconut sugar, plain old table sugar, honey and maple syrup. Those are a more natural source, but even still, it’s sugar, sugar, and fortunately, nobody wants to hear that.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

I would agree that those are the top three foods that are probably at the root of most chronic conditions, not just autoimmune conditions, but those certainly play into digestive dysfunctions and diabetes and blood sugar and insulin resistance issues and brain fog and cognitive decline and joint pains.

mean, you name it, those three are the top three for all the things. of course, there’s individual variations and things, but those would be kind of the top places to start for pretty much any health condition, including just weight.

you just want to eat.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

Yeah, yeah, and that’s just a bonus side effects.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

For sure.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

To lose a little bit of weight. I mean, I think we all want to use these couple pounds or more at certain times in our life.

But yeah, I think once we do it, we realize it’s not as scary or horrible as we thought it was going to be because we there are replacements.

And that’s the thing. I think if we try to eliminate it all and don’t fill it with something else, then we really.

Then the mind game comes in. filled it pride and you know, I’m still poor me and all that stuff.

You know, I’ve been there at certain times. You know, oh my gosh. I wish my, you know, artichoke tip, you know, that creamy dip.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

I used to love that. case of deans.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

Now I found a gluten free wraps and I, you know, I can make a glue. It’s a I did actually find a recipe for artichoke dip with the base was I think it was cashews that’s right cashews was the base or um it’s in any kind of uh nuts like a white nut you know you know that and uh and it was really good so nice yeah there’s so many great alternatives and choices out there now that regardless of what it is you’re trying to get away from there’s a better alternative for you absolutely so yeah you just have to be willing to be creative and try different things and if the first recipe doesn’t work try the second recipe try something different there’s there’s always options out there I love that yes um let’s pivot a little bit too are there good foods that people should prioritize to add into their life that can either be soothing or help with the pain management or you know any of those things are there good foods to prioritize well yes absolutely I think a plant-based diet is super important overall

They say your plate should be like 50% just plant. Vegetables mainly leafy greens, mainly I should say even more than vegetables because the leafy greens have so much.

They’re just packed with nutrition and vegetables, a little bit of fruit because most fruit has sugar. So you got to really watch your fruit intake as well.

I think granny smith apples are probably the least, have the least amount of sugar. So you know, and they’re pretty good.

little tartar than sweet, but they’re still really good. And just lower the amount of meat even that you eat and look for organic foods, non-GMO.

Try to stay away from anything that’s in a can or really processed. So yeah, but I’d say like greens.

are huge parts sprouts. these things, they feed us. They feed us. the cells in our body and they help us to really feel so much better.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

Awesome. Let’s pivot a little bit to the energy medicine side of things. Can you just kind of define what that even means for people who maybe are like, I don’t even know what that means.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

What? Yeah. Well, it’s a 3000 year old practice and it’s based on, well, if anybody has heard of Reiki, that it’s very similar, but it’s much broader overall.

There’s specific exercises and movements that you can do daily to help keep your energies balanced. That’s really the main goal is to rebalance all of our energy systems because in this world that we live in with all the EMFs, electromagnetic frequencies and the foods and the air, it’s just a lot our bodies have to deal with.

to try to, yeah, to stay good and feel good. So I do something called the daily energy routine and it’s from the Eden Method is the company.

And like I said, when I discovered that, I learned that the daily, the DER, and I did it every day for 30 days and I couldn’t believe my improvement.

I was like, you know, up and down stairs, you know?

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

When you can’t do simple things like that, a long time and then you can, that’s like a big win.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

And it was like changing, it was great. And I still can, you know, I just do it every day.

but it’s just simple, simple things, like crossing your energies over, there’s something called a calming hold. You can put your hand on your forehead and the back of your head and just close your eyes and breathe.

And it’s very, calming for the nervous system. And gosh, there’s just all kinds. I mean, there’s so many. It would be hard to try to go through all of them.

just simple techniques. this is all something that I teach in my autoimmune rebalance program, foods and energy medicine and mindfulness.

yeah, energy medicine, the core purpose of it is to balance the energies in our bodies.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

Hmm, that’s awesome. That’s a great explanation of it. And that you’ve mentioned mindfulness a couple times. So how does mindfulness, how does it differ from just the regular energy work and, you know, kind of what would be practices associated with mindfulness?

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

Um, I think like tapping, I don’t know if you’re familiar with tapping, but tapping is a very mindful exercise.

You know, we start at the at our, um, cruddy top points. And then, you know, we go through all these tapping, tapping points on the face and their meridian lines that we’re tapping on.

And it really can help us because a lot of times the stinking thinking gets in there and it says, for me, I can’t my favorite foods and why did this happen to me, this situation, this disease, this pain, this accident, whatever it is, and we can just get lost in that and in our mind.

We get lost in our mind of the negativity and we can stay trapped there sometimes and then we’re in depression.

And so tapping and moving energy that way can be a very great mindfulness practice. Meditation is another great one.

Just something as simple as sitting here and closing our eyes and just imagining all the energy from the day is coming back to us.

It’s coming back to our body. And we let go of everything else. And we’re just right in the moment.

And that’s probably one of the biggest savers. Because a lot of times life’s so busy. And we do struggle with different things.

know, jobs, families, friends, kids, know, disabilities, health issues. We struggle with a lot. And when we get all scattered emotionally, it’s harder to really deal with things.

So if we can learn to bring our energy back to our body, to our core, and just breathe into it and let everything else go, even if it’s just for a moment, that’s okay.

You know, it just allows us to get grounded and re-centered. And then when we can do that, then we can handle what’s next.

And sometimes you have to do it several times today. I mean, sometimes we’re going through a lot of stress and it’s like, oh my gosh, here I go good every hour on an hour.

But that’s okay if we need, we can do that. But yeah, so tapping, meditation, walking, being out in nature is a great, um, balancer.

And if you can go barefoot, that seems better.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)


Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor


Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

Yeah. I think, you know, all of this applies just like we talked about with the food. These are all foundational things that will help any chronic conditions.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor


Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

Rest is a hundred percent an underlying factor to every chronic condition, every health condition, everything, even acute illnesses, frankly, if you’re under high stress, you’re far more likely to pick up a cold to get sick.

know, any of those things really is a huge underlying factor that makes you more susceptible and makes the thing worse once you do get it.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

That’s right.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

And these practices that can calm your stress, even like you said, for a moment. and are going to be life-changing.

They’re going to make an impact in how well your body can handle it, how well you can recover from it, how well you can reverse it, all the things.

I think all of the times that we can get out of that, go-go-go state and really tap into what’s called the parasympathetic nervous system.

of the sympathetic nervous system that is always ready to fight and getting done, we need to come and do the opposite.

I think this is all power for advice even outside of the autoimmune realm.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

Absolutely. You’re welcome and it’s funny because even when it’s positive energy that’s going, that can be stressful. It’s still stress on our bodies and our minds and everything.

getting centered and getting grounded. If you have to do it several times a day, that’s okay. That’s going to help you move forward and start from ground zero in a sense.

that too and that’s a warming oil so it’s like an ultra warming and I do that in the winter I would not use that lid in the summer because I swell and get hot in the summer in the in the winter I’m cold and achy so I want warming in the summer and then I’ll use like geranium or not geranium German Chamomile in the summer because that’s a cooling oil in a peppermint those are both cooling oils so you kind of have to alter a little bit but so that’s some of my those are some of my favorite blends since I started making that blend for my knee I my knee never wakes me up at night anymore nice so yeah that’s a real nice there’s nothing like waking up in paint right that’s no fun and are you just putting it directly on your skin are you mixing it with any other carrier oil or any yes yes what you do is you most essential oils need to be in a carrier oil essential oils on neat a lot of them some of them can cause severe

reactions with the skin. Probably the only one you can put on meat and be still good about is lavender.

That’s probably the only one. But most of them have to have a carrier oil like sweet almond oil, avocado oil, castor oil, argon oil, there’s lots of carrier oils, coconut oil.

And I usually use the, oh I use an oil called trauma oil. And trauma oil is a blend of three different oils, St.

John’s Wort, Calendula and Orica. And these three mixed together formulate a wonderful blend to help with inflammation and pain and just swelling and achiness.

And it’s really nourishing for the skin. So I add my drops to the trauma oil, put the blend on and I’m good.

So I usually do that one at night. But I use it for all kinds of things. I make my own beauty products and shampoo.

body wash, no pit of such oils in there. I diffuse essential oils. If I’m feeling a little stressed, lavender and roman chamomile are great for calming the nervous system and just helping overall.

There’s also roll-ons and inhalers so you can take your calming essential oils with you, which is pretty cool with the inhalers.

Yeah. So yeah, there’s there’s a multitude of ways to to use that’s a choice to help calm the nervous system, de-stress yourself, help you refocus and energize yourself.

Sometimes chronic conditions can make you feel tired lot because your body’s always fighting something and so it can feel tiring.

So there’s like sweet orange and grapefruit or very lifting oils or like the happy, happy oils is what I like to call them because they do.

They just, oh, I feel happy. When we feel happy, we get it more energy. So it’s kind of a double bonus there.

Some of the warnings for essential oils never put essential oils on pets. If you are diffusing essential oils in a room, you need to have good ventilation for yourself and for your pet.

Some essential oils can really irritate a pet and they can’t really tell you, but you need to have an opening so they can leave the room if they don’t like that.

And plus for yourself, you need to have good circulation and ventilation in a room. Let’s see. And yeah, don’t put them on neat.

And I think I answered all the questions.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

Yeah, I think that was great.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

And children. 

So most kids under five, you probably don’t want to use essential oils on it all. you know, Like five to 10, you can use some and there’s a lot of safe kid oils like lavender and and or just probably it’s a good safe safe kid oil.

So some of the companies that you purchase your products from will tell you it’s kids safe.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

And so that’s really good. Oh, yeah, that’s that’s great advice. I’m a big fan of essential oils and especially when it comes to like air fresheners, like get rid of all the synthetic chemicals and all the things that come with fragrances in them, candles, all those things, get rid of all that and just use essential oils.

So much better for you. And it’s going to have not only less harm like you’re going to get from all those synthetic chemicals and junk that are in the air fresheners and fragrance filled products, but you’re actually going to be a benefit out of the essential oils.

So I think that’s very nice and there’s a lot of different ways to use them and you’ve talked about lot of those.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

So I think that’s a fantastic thing. Yeah, and the two main area are ways to use them is inhaling and applying them to your skin.

And you’re right, you inhale them and they can instantly, lavender, instantly calms your nervous system. And you’re just relaxed all over.

All the cells that are being stressed can just really calm. And so that’s, it’s pretty interesting. It works pretty, pretty fast.

And yeah, so essential oils have just a broad range of helpful benefits.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

Yeah, for sure. And there’s so many different scents and purposes.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

Like you said, you can use them for energizing. You can use them for calming. You can use them for focus and clarity.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

And there’s so many different uses.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

there’s, you can go down a serious rabbit hole researching the differential oil.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

And all those purposes, how do you use I do that.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

I love researching essential oils and getting in there and finding out, you know, what their properties are. they anti-inflammatory or are they, they help with digestion or do they help with your own?

anything. I’m. And just it’s so much fun. I just I can go down a rabbit hole when I start when I start looking into my my essential oils and my database that I go to and just Wonderful.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

Yeah, so many great a lot of times.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

Oh, I typically for my clients. I’ll customize the blend for them Depending on what they want like the client I just worked with she wanted something for calming and for pain so Customizing you know usually asking the series of questions.

What smells do you like is your pain cold or hot You know is your stress, you know sad or angry, you know, so there’s different things you can’t Typically you can I shouldn’t say you can’t Um, but it’s customized blend will help Help that person on a more personal level than just a generic blend I guess that makes a lot of sense since like you said it’s sometimes you feel down and sometimes you feel uptight

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

And yeah, they’re going to have completely different needs then for those two different types of things. So that makes a lot of sense.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor


Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

That’s awesome. So you have an autoimmune relief bundle that you have available and we will definitely link that up.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

Can you just tell everyone really quickly kind of what that is and why they might want it? Yes, everybody should get the autoimmune really bundle because it has five simple practices that can help you feel good right away.

There’s five and there are three of them you’ll get, you’ll see. I don’t know, pardon me, you’ll see immediately immediate benefits just like the calming hold is in there that I showed just a minute ago.

And then two of them might take a little longer to see benefits and it’s one’s about sleep and one’s about supplements.

But it’s well worth it to get that information because when we sleep is so important and so I mean, I know we hear

care about our little town. Yeah, I know we need to get sleep, but I’ve got things to do. Or I, you know, I had to take care of this.

And so I had to stay up late or I had to, you know, or sleep is interrupted all night.

may able to get to bed, but then we can’t sleep through the night. And so our sleep is interrupted.

So there’s great tips in there about, you know, getting better sleep. So, so a simple little bundle, you just fill out the little form, you’ll jump on my mailing list and get the bundle right away.

We’ve sent sent to your inbox and and yeah. So I encourage you to get the bundle.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

Love that. Yeah, we will definitely link all that up in the description of the show. Anything else that we haven’t talked about that you would like to share with everyone here today?

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

Yeah, well, I just want everybody to know you are not, if you have an autoimmune condition, you are not your diagnosis.

You know, so often I I saw this a few years back, quite a few years back. I knew the scalp and she wasn’t feeling good.

She had some issues and she was going to doctors. And I had been diagnosed before her. So I already kind of went through that.

And so she was going to doctors. And once she got diagnosed, I mean, her whole demeanor changed. just kind of went down.

have, I don’t even know what it was now. I have five of my algebra. Or I have, you know, whatever, it doesn’t matter what it is.

Just know you’re not your diagnosis. And there is health. You can take your own health into your own hands.

You don’t have to 100% rely on doctors to tell you that you can’t do anything about your condition, except for take more medicine.

Because I can, I can, I proved them all wrong. I actually have more energy and feel better now than I did 20 years ago.

ago when the eye was first diagnosed. So you can, you have a choice every single day of what you put in your mouth, how you move your body, what you allow in your mind, and essential.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

I 100% agree with that message. And I think, you know, that’s a message that a lot of people need here that this isn’t a life sentence.

This isn’t a death sentence. This doesn’t have to be your identity. There are always choices. I firmly believe that every condition can at least be improved upon, if not fully eliminated.

And so I think there’s so many things that we can do. And we’re in control, but you have to be willing to do the work.

So I think that’s a message. And I completely agree with it. Thank you so much for sharing all of your story today and all of your wisdom about energy healing and essential oils and mindfulness and healthy eating and all the things that have helped you and that you use with your clients.

I think this is going to be tremendously valuable for a So many people. And we will for sure link up all of your contact information in the show.

So anyone that wants to reach out and learn more about your work can do so. Thank you so much for joining us today.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

Oh, thank you, Andrea. This is wonderful to be here.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

love talking with you. Yeah, it was a great episode.

Susie Day ~ Autoimmune Mentor

Thank you so much.

Andrea Nicholson (healthylifewithandrea.com)

Thank you to everyone out there. We will catch you again on future episodes. 

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