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Is ‘Eat Less Move More’ Good Advice for Weight Loss?

We’ve been told for years that in order to lose weight we have to be in a calorie deficit – this can be from reducing our calorie intake, increasing our calorie burn or a combination of the two.

But does it work? Is this the right advice for sustainable weight loss?

If it were just about eating less and moving more, why does obesity continue to increase? Why is it so hard to lose the weight and actually keep it off? And what about when I eat VERY little – why doesn’t the weight just fall off?

This video covers the problem with this advice and why it not only doesn’t help you lose weight, but make you GAIN weight.

In this video, I discuss this meta analysis published in the Journal of Nutrition this month: https://academic.oup.com/jn/article/151/3/482/6020167

Watch now: Is ‘Eat Less Move More’ good advice for weight loss?

Diet culture is toxic – and it’s definitely not helping you improve your health. Counting calories or macros is no way to enjoy life (or get lasting results). Diet VARIETY is the secret sauce!

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