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Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is vital to optimal health, but this is NOT the same a dieting.  Healthy eating means taking in adequate nutrients to ensure the body has all of the building blocks needed for life.

insulin resistance in women

Insulin Resistance Impacts Women’s Health

Insulin resistance impacts women’s health The female body is a complex system. It is constantly in flux, adapting to the demands we place on it and continually changing as life changes. But when something goes wrong metabolically, that complex system can quickly become chaotic, throwing… Read More »Insulin Resistance Impacts Women’s Health

When You Should NOT take fiber, prebiotics and probiotics

When You Should Not Take Prebiotics and Probiotics

This video will address specific conditions such as IBS, IBD, weight loss resistance, SIBO, celiac disease, insulin resistance, autoimmune thyroiditis, depression and mood disorders and their relation to the microbiome. What does the research say about probiotics, prebiotics, and fiber intake for these conditions? When… Read More »When You Should Not Take Prebiotics and Probiotics