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Gut Health

All disease begins in the gut and so does healing!

Functional Lab Tests Your Doctor Won't Run

Functional Lab Tests Your Doctor Won’t Run

Today we’re talking about functional lab tests your doctor won’t run (and likely doesn’t even know about)! Let me first start by explaining the differences between conventional medical lab testing and functional lab testing.  Let’s start with conventional lab testing you’d likely see through your… Read More »Functional Lab Tests Your Doctor Won’t Run

navigating cancer together podcast

Navigating Cancer Together podcast

Navigating Cancer Together Podcast This week I was featured on the Navigating Cancer Together Podcast by Talaya Dendy. Show notes: Andrea Nicholson is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition and holds additional certifications as a Nutrition Therapist Master, and Level 3 Restorative Wellness Practitioner.   In… Read More »Navigating Cancer Together podcast

Investigating Health Challenges

Investigating Health Challenges In case you didn’t know, let me give you a little back story about me.  I spent 15 years working as a crime scene investigator and forensic scientist.  Throughout that career, I developed great skills in solving mysteries, asking great questions, looking… Read More »Investigating Health Challenges