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All disease begins in the gut and so does healing!

Gut health

Gut Health: Why It Matters in the Winter

Winter can be a difficult time of year for your gut. With the lack of fresh air, cold temperatures, reduced activity, and less sunshine, your digestive and detox systems can suffer. It’s important to prioritize gut health during this season in order to ensure that your entire gut is functioning optimally. By taking proactive steps …

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new year's resolutions

2023 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Years – can you believe it’s already 2023?! Did you set 2023 New Year’s Resolutions? Did you know that over 70% of New Year’s Resolutions are related to health?  Sadly, only about 9% report feeling successful in their mission.  They self-report their reason for failure as setting unrealistic goals, lack of accountability and …

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Complete Wellness with Cindy Rand and Andrea Nicholson

Complete Wellness with Cindy Podcast

Complete Wellness with Cindy podcast I was recently featured on this fun podcast hosted by The Busy Women’s Cheerleader, Cindy Rand. The episode was titled “Don’t Hate Your Guts – Clean Them Out!” In this fun show, we discussed a wide variety of digestive health issues, nutrition, and lifestyle habits to incorporate into your life …

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how do you maintain results

How do you maintain results?

How do you maintain results? This is a big topic that is often left out of the diet and health conversation.  Everyone is seeking quick results, to feel better or look better as quickly as possible.  Even if that “works”, the results don’t last.  Because that maintenance piece isn’t talked about.  So today, we’re talking …

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redefining aging

Redefining Aging

Redefining aging Today, we are talking about reinventing aging. Recently, in a mastermind group that I’m in, I had this fascinating conversation with a colleague all about her husband and reinventing aging. I’m in this mastermind with nine other holistic practitioners, and we’re all just sort of supporting each other and encouraging each other and …

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your face story podcast

Your Face Story Podcast

Your Face Story Podcast I was recently featured on the Your Face Story Podcast with Yolanda Russo. In this fun episode, we discussed my story of becoming a Holistic Nutritionist and how I help my clients deal with digestive issues, low energy, and mood issues (like depression/anxiety). Your health journey needs to be personalized to …

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