brain function

Metabolic Health: Brain Function

Metabolic Health: Brain Function Today we are talking all about brain health and how fixing your metabolism can improve cognitive abilities, reduce risks of degenerative brain diseases, and reduce or eliminate migraines.   Every cell in the body has insulin receptors – the brain and blood vessels are no exception.  In the brain, the insulin receptors …

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Metabolic Health Hormones

Metabolic Health and Hormones, PCOS and Erectile Dysfunction

Metabolic health and hormones, PCOS and erectile dysfunction So we’re gonna talk about how hormones change throughout various stages in life as well as conditions like PCOS, which is polycystic ovarian syndrome, and erectile dysfunction. So let’s dive in. Insulin Resistance and Pregnancy First, we’re gonna talk first about how insulin is related to reproduction. …

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metabolic health cancer

Metabolic Health: Cancer

Today we are talking all about cancer.  This one generally catches people off guard because most people think cancer is either genetic, toxin-related, or totally random.  And while genetics and toxins do play a role – cancer is a metabolic disease!  It’s definitely not totally random! What is Cancer? Let’s back up and talk more generally …

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gut and metabolic health

Hidden Gems in Gut and Metabolic Health

I was recently interviewed on the Living Life Naturally podcast with Lynne Wadsworth. You can listen to this podcast here, in your favorite podcast player (Apple, Spotify, Stitcher), or watch the video on YouTube! Gut and Metabolic Health In this episode, we talked about a wide range of health topics: Why conventional medical testing doesn’t …

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Metabolic Health: Thyroid

Metabolic Health & Thyroid We are continuing through the metabolic disorders series and today we are talking about the thyroid! This is a major concern today with millions of people suffering from thyroid imbalances and dysfunctions.  Estimates are that about 40% of the population have some level of thyroid imbalance.  Most thyroid imbalances are found …

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Metabolic Health: Heart disease and Hypertension

In this episode, we’ll be discussing the causes of heart disease and hypertension – specifically how this relates to metabolic health. Yes – heart disease and high blood pressure are both metabolic disorders. Heart disease and hypertension Heart disease is still the leading cause of death in both men and women in the US with …

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Metabolic Health: Diabetes and blood sugar dysregulation

Diabetes and blood sugar dysregulation Diabetes can show up in a variety of forms, and there are other types of blood sugar dysregulation conditions.  In this episode, we’ll break it all down. Types of Diabetes:  Type 1 Type 1 is an autoimmune condition where the body’s own immune system has attacked the portion of the pancreas …

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metabolism and metabolic health

Metabolism and Metabolic Health

Metabolism and Metabolic Health Metabolic health is one of my primary focuses in my practice because studies have shown that nearly everyone has some level of metabolic dysfunction in America…in 2018 a study published by the University of North Carolina found that only 12% of the population meet all 5 primary criteria of good metabolic …

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salt -friend or foe, is salt good or bad for health

Salt – friend or foe?

Salt – friend or foe?  There is so much conflicting information on salt! The mainstream media and medicine will tell you salt is dangerous.  But what does the research actually show?   Episode notes: Most of us equate salt to sodium…but they’re not actually interchangeable.  Sodium can combine with chloride to make one type of salt …

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